Australian Fashion Trends Today

In the throes of spring and heading into summer it is essential to know what the current fashion trends are in order to take full advantage of the stunning and exciting designs on offer. Some may surprise you while others are a continuation on from last summer but with a 2017/2018 twist.

Shiny girl shoes


Fabrics this season range from feminine sheers to high-shine luxe. Mainly in night attire, the 80’s influence is apparent, with huge frills, big shoulders, and wide belts to emphasize the waistline. Eveningwear colors are every bit as vibrant as daywear, with bright, shiny fabrics being the key. No need for much jewelry except a flirtatious pair of crystal earrings that sparkle and twinkle as you move your head.


Bright colors are certainly in order this spring/summer season with pink being dominant. Not your soft, pastel pinks but the bright, vibrant, joyful pinks such as fuchsia. Scarlet, bright yellows and lime greens feature heavily too. The emphasis on color this season is upbeat, cheerful and a whole lot of fun. You won’t see a lot of muted, pastel shades in the stores.



Simple, classic lines is one of the hottest trends of the 2017/2018 season, which lends itself well to the mix and match D.I.Y. trend. Clean lines, few adornments, and clever combinations of colors will stand you in good stead for both work and play. The minimalist lifestyle focuses on clothing as much as other material goods, with an emphasis on versatile pieces that can be worn both night and day. A pair of classic pants can be paired with any one of the gorgeous, brightly colored blouses and tops you will see on store clothing racks this season. Dress up or dress down but do not over-dress is the way to go!


If floral prints make you think of your Grandmother’s apron you couldn’t be further than the truth with this season’s dramatic floral designs. Keeping with the bright, vibrant color trend of the season, the florals are about as far removed from Grandmother’s apron as one can get. These energetic, high spirited combinations of vivid colors and dramatic flowers can be seen in a variety of versatile clothing that can go from upbeat, semi-dressy daywear to casual but classy night attire in a heartbeat.

1980’s Back in Style

With a more upbeat color palette, huge frills, a strong emphasis on shoulders, and lots of leg showing you could be forgiven for thinking you were back in the 1980’s, and while many styles are reminiscent of that wonderful decade there is certainly a more modern feel and look to this spring and summer styles. Bright, vibrant colors, even in the summer staple stripes and florals, bring joy and cheer to the season. Sheer is still popular but with even more femininity, if that is at all possible. The young generation is buying like crazy so have that in mind!

DIY hammer


For those who have a rebellious streak and are confident no matter what they are wearing there is good news this season, as putting together your own look is encouraged. The designers have created the pieces and now it is up to the wearer to create a unique look that makes them feel as happy and comfortable as they look. Mixing and matching has always been fun and no more so than this summer.

Loose and Flowing

When temperatures soar and you still want to maintain your ‘just stepped out of the beauty salon’ look you need to be comfortable, and the loose flowing styles that have been seen on runways recently will help you maintain that look as well as cope with the high temperatures. Cinched in waistlines help maintain your curvy appearance.