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Welcome to Faint Magazine, an online magazine that explores the diversity of art, fashion and culture around the world. Our vision is to provide current information about all aspects of the art and fashion worlds and the cultural diversity of different countries. Our focus will be on both artists and designers of all levels from established at one end of the spectrum to emerging and up-and-coming at the other end. There is also annual Valentine’s Day contest, where you will be able to take an isnpiration. Since it is the day of celebration love. Since it is the day that love is celebrated, let us give some guidance to those who are not designers or artists. We all know that each outfit needs some accessories – earrings, bracelet, belt, necklace, etc. You can find more ideas here. Do not let her buy them on her own. Surprise her! Be creative! She will be thrilled!

Fashion mag

Fashion Trends in Australia

In the throes of spring and heading into summer it is essential to know what the current fashion trends are in order to take full advantage of the stunning and exciting designs on offer. Some may surprise you while others are a continuation on from last summer but with a 2017/2018 twist… READ MORE

Fashion designers come and go, with many of them not ‘having what it takes’ to establish a brand that is not only sought after in Australia but also worldwide. All the training in the world cannot turn a mediocre designer into one of the fashion icons everyone looks up to… READ MORE

As Australia is a country that was settled largely in part by convicts exiled there from Great Britain it is only natural that the Western world strongly influences the traditional wedding of two Australians. On the other the indigenous peoples of Australia, the Aborigines, have their own wedding culture steeped in history and tradition…READ MORE

Founded in September 2010 by fashion photographer Alexandre Dubois, FAINT is an independent, bi-annual Fashion and Art magazine based in Melbourne, Australia. Dedicated to showcasing both emerging and established artists from across the globe, every edition is thoughtfully curated and edited to deliver a body of work bound by a common thread. FAINT strives to engage and inspire its readers through high-end fashion editorials, avant-garde imagery and exclusive features and interviews with artists and designers at the forefront of their craft. FAINT welcomes all submissions. Artists, writers or designers looking to be featured in future editions of the FAINT are highly encouraged to contact the magazine. All e-mails should be accompanied by a selection of your work or alternatively a working link to your portfolio. If you need anything, feel free to contact us.

Around The World

Fashion Centers

Fashion designers tend to gravitate towards the fashion centers of their country, and often overseas, for many reasons, and over the years certain cities have become well known for being the places to be to see the latest fashion trends coming out of the best fashion houses.

Art Centers

In almost every city around the world there is at least one art gallery or museum, but some cities are seen as the major art centers for a variety of reasons, whether it be due to the number of famous artists who either were born there or currently work there, or the collections of art that country has.

Fashion Accessories

While designers put everything into their designs so that the apparel item will make a statement on its own, many times the right accessories can only enhance a woman’s look and take a fabulous outfit to one that is absolutely stunning.

Whether your interest lies in the latest works of a particular artist, the new designs that are being shown on fashion runways, or how artists in another country express themselves through their art we aim to provide you with articles, photographs, and interviews with select people from the art and fashion worlds. With our fingers on the ‘pulse’ of what is happening around the world you can be sure to get the latest information and images right here at Faint Magazine. Each issue will feature a variety of full-page all color photographs as well as in-depth articles about the topics for couples or families regarding different aspects from everyday life like choosing the interior of your home or picking the best gift for your spouse. Learn of the latest happenings in the art and fashion worlds from writers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their topics. Faint Magazine is your doorway into the art and fashion worlds, as well as a way to read and view other cultures from around the world. Though the fashion runways of Paris may be thousands of miles away Faint Magazine puts them right in your hands so that you can experience everything as if you were there. From the latest trends in evening apparel from the world’s best designers to the latest street art of an up-and-coming artist in a small town in Australia we will cover it all.

Our goal is to go behind the scenes of many of the fashion and art events to bring you insight into the inspiration behind the extraordinary creativity and talent that exists outside our very own doorsteps and in other parts of the globe. We see the world as an ever-evolving place that often changes quickly, and what was trending yesterday may be ‘old news’ by tomorrow. Faint Magazine’s goal is to keep abreast of these changes so that you, our reader, can receive timely information about these changes. Our long term goal is to be one of the best art, fashion and culture magazines in the world, catering to a widely diverse readership that is as loyal to us as we are to them. In order for this magazine to be successful we need to be able to provide our readers with the kind of thoughtful and creative magazine that they are seeking, and in order to do this we welcome input from you as to what we are doing right and what you would like to see us provide in upcoming issues. Though we may be the minds behind the magazine it is a collaborative effort between you, our readers, and us that will make each issue better and better. Grab your drink of choice, sit back, relax and prepare to open your world up to all that Faint Magazine has to offer.

Our Culture


Youth Culture

While Australia is culturally diverse the youth culture of the country is a separate culture from the mainstream. The young people of Australia face times that are distinctly different to the times their parents and grandparents grew up in, which has in turn has created a unique culture.


Cultural Events

A culturally diverse country, Australia stages many events throughout the year to celebrate a wide variety of their cultural interests and pursuits. For many certain events are the highlight of their year and something to look forward to.

Art Success Stories

With such a wildly varying landscape and culture Australia offers it is little wonder that many artists are spoiled for inspiration. Some great artists have emerged from the Australian art world in recent years and are making their name well known.

Traffic Jam Perth

Art Trends

Rather than follow the worldwide trends Australia has up and coming artists who have developed their own unique styles and are definitely worth keeping an eye on to see what they produce in months and years to come. Australia has a very rich and diverse culture and this is often reflected in the arts.