Australia’s Largest Cultural Events

A culturally diverse country, Australia stages many events throughout the year to celebrate a wide variety of their cultural interests and pursuits. For many certain events are the highlight of their year and something to look forward to. The following are some of the largest cultural events to be enjoyed in Australia:

Gay Couple

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

This three-week long festival celebrates everyone within the LGBTQI community, with a parade and festival that more than 200,000 people turn out to see annually. There is a lot of artistic effort that goes into providing an action-packed three weeks that provides something for everyone. There is lots of over-the-top drama, dancing, and fashion that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s a fun, cultural event that turns Sydney into a colorful and enthusiastic city full of glitz and glamour that is entertaining from start to finish.

Sydney Opera House

Vivid Sydney

Art takes many forms and this is by far one of the largest and most visited art shows held in Australia annually. With more than 2 million visitors, landmark buildings and places such as the stunning Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Customs House are all lit up in brilliant color that is simply breathtakingly beautiful. All of these landmarks are attractive buildings by daylight but take on a whole new level of beauty once bathed in a sea of color.

Working on the street art

SALA Festival

Over 3000 artists exhibit at the SALA festival, the largest visual arts festival in the nation. SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) is a state-wide exhibition with over 600 exhibits being hosted in various locations. The purpose of SALA is to celebrate the wealth of visual artists South Australia is home to, and promote them and their work locally, nationally and around the world. The festival is an annual event. Main center for the festival is Adelaide. FAINT Magazine sent their journalist so expect photos soon!

Aboriginal dancer and fire

National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award

This exhibition features 100 finalists vying for the award for their contemporary Indigenous art. The 100 finalists are whittled down from around 300 entries nationwide so that only the best gets featured. Interested parties can view the entries at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwin.

Cultural festival on the street

Perth International Arts Festival

This is a multi-cultural event held late February/early March each year, and includes comedy, theatre, drama, film, music, visual arts, street arts, literature and a number of community events free of charge. This is the major Western Australia cultural event and incorporates both the Perth Visual Arts Festival and the Contemporary Culture program.

Movie festival in Australia

Sydney Festival

Held every January the Sydney Festival has a wealth of film, forums, visual arts, music, theatre, dance and so much more on its program. It runs for three weeks and there are around 80 separate events that more than 500 artists contribute to. Many of the events are conducted outdoors, as well as within the major theatres across the city.

Music rock festival

National Multi-cultural Festival, Canberra

This four-day event is held in February each year and includes food, dance, music and creative arts exhibits from the area, nationally and worldwide. It is an event that helps emerging and existing artists to get their work in front of a larger audience than they may not otherwise have the opportunity to.

Other arts and culture events held across the country include the following:
  • Adelaide Festival of Arts in March
  • Ten Days on the Island, Tasmania in March
  • Darwin Festival in August
  • Brisbane Festival in September
  • Melbourne International Arts Festival in October
Australia is also very much sports and youth orientated and makes an event out of many of their major sporting events, including the famous Melbourne Cup horse race that draws a huge crowd and is a place to be ‘seen’ in the latest fashion.