Fashion Accessories to Compliment Designer Apparel

While designers put everything into their designs so that the apparel item will make a statement on its own, many times the right accessories can only enhance a woman’s look and take a fabulous outfit to one that is absolutely stunning. The following are some of the noteworthy fashion accessories hitting Australian stores this season:

Sunglasses – An essential item for anyone who spends any time in the Australian outdoors, sunglasses are one of those items you can never have too many pairs of. While protecting the eyes from sun damage is the purpose sunglasses can also make a huge fashion statement. The current trend is for striking colors and the addition of charms that dangle from the arms. Women can accessorize their outfit with a complimenting pair of ‘sunnies’. Sunglasses feel as if they have been part of the Australian culture for ages!

Handbags – There are four notable style trends showing up in Australia currently. One is the handbag with dangling add-on straps. These straps are interchangeable so you can change your look when you change your outfit and still use the same bag. The second is the basket bag which is a throwback to yesteryear, with some of the big names like Ferragamo producing wicker basket bags perfect for summer. The third style is the bracelet bag, which is a twist on the wristlet. Being able to wear a handbag on your wrist leaves your hands free for coffee and cell phone. The fourth style is the waist bag, but these are nothing like the sports fanny pack/bum bag seen everywhere years ago. These are sleek leather pouches that are just as at home on the hip of a girl in sweats as they are a girl in evening club attire.

Embroidered Baseball Caps – Another Australian essential this is a sporty and chic way to protect the head. Personalization is the key here. Women are given a wide choice of monograms to suit their personal style. For the really independent woman there is always the option of purchasing a plain cap and having a specialist company embroider her own creation onto the front of it.

Shoe Embellishments – Women and girls love to add personalized items to their jackets, cell phones, and other items. The current trend is to embellish shoes. While wild and whacky prints on shoes has been popular for a while now this is taking them up a notch with the addition of flowers, gems, beads, sequins, and so much more. Not just for the everyday sneakers but also for evening shoes and everything in between.

Fashion accesssoires

Corset Belts – Unlike those torturous items of days long gone these are much looser but still have the same purpose; to accentuate the waist. Worn over tops and tees these corsets add dimension to a woman’s shape with a touch of sexy thrown in for good measure. Typically lacing up the front instead in the back as was historically traditional the laces can be adjusted to a comfort level that suits the wearer.

Long, Dangle Earrings – The current trend is to wear big, statement earrings, ranging from huge hoops to dangling earrings that rest on the shoulders. The bigger the better seems to be the consensus of opinion. Perfect with an up do, all attention will be on the earrings that are dangling from the lobes. Suitable for the one ear look as well as both ears. It’s all about the drama!

Fishnets – Fishnet is synonymous with sexy and so any time it is in fashion the women of Australia get to glam up their outfits. From simple ankle socks worn with above the ankle pants to full length stockings with a cocktail dress there is something completely irresistible about fishnet.